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  • There was this one game we occasionally played in elementary that had no name, everyone knew what we were doing that day as soon as we walked into the gym, I’ll just call it islands. The gym teacher would split the class in half and put out 6 wrestling mats. Each team started on their own mats and had to traverse to the second and then the third without touching the ground. The mats were spaced about 50 feet apart and we were given a bunch of random objects like pool noodles, a wheeled dolly, a plunger, a few stepping stone rubber pads, and I’m sure some other stuff I’m not remembering.

    The objective was to be the first team to get all members on the third island, if anyone touches the ground you had to go back to the first island. It was mainly a team building exercise but my favorite part was to play the pirate. I would take the dolly and plunger and scoot over to the opposing teams side of the gym and taunt them from my ship as you could not physically interfere with the enemy.

    Definitely my favorite game, I still have fond memories of that.

    Funny though, I have no stand out memories of an activity I hated.

  • Update 1.

    Talked to my boss and he said dont worry about my upcoming timesheet because he can fill it out for me but he will not do that indefinitely so a new phone is required. He also told me that I can start using the phone bill stipend, which is 40 bucks a month so that almost covers my bill plus a phone payment plan.

    I asked about the Yubikey and he told me that in the next policy change we are going to remove usb access on all of our machines to further comply with security demands, so that would defeat the purpose of the 2FA dongle.

    Guess I’m getting a new phone. I looked into the lineageOS route and it seems I would have to factory reset my phone anyway and that is probably my biggest problem with getting a new phone anyway so I won’t be attempting that.

  • Thanks for the advice,

    My takeaway is that I should look into a 2FA dongle and offer it up as an alternative. I mentioned in my post that the main IT guy looked into that and said it would not work on most machines, not sure if someone has any insight on that. My company started building custom machines a few years back for the CAD users and everyone ended up getting one eventually. My PC runs windows 11 and is pretty much a gaming computer from 2020, I9 processor, a 2080 super, and some random motherboard. What reason could there be that my computer would not accept one of these dongles?

  • I told my direct boss today after having several conversations with IT. My boss knew of the situation but is now taking it more seriously because I told him I would not be able to log my hours next week, which came as a surprise to him, he noticed this was the first time he had to use the 2FA to get into the payroll software.

    Yes, my phone is old as shit, I cracked the screen 5 years ago and it’s surprisingly still waterproof. I have had this phone longer than I have had my job, they have no bearing on what cell phone I use, hell when I was hired in I didn’t even use my phone for work other than phone calls. I understand my companies position as well but instead of requiring the employee’s personal property to be up to their standards they should offer an alternative method.

  • My company is very good at giving me and my coworkers the best available, my workstation plus my laptop are probably around $5000. That is why it is so hard for me to believe they will not reimburse me for a new phone, I have feeling they do not want to set that precedent.

    I currently use a 3rd party app called DUO, previously there were several options for 2FA, txt, call, email, and push notification. Now the only options are push notification (will not work on my phone) and administrator backup code. The IT guy had mentioned the security key option, but he said they would not work on most of our desktops because they are all custom built PC’s, not sure of the specifics on that one though, I might bring that up to him again. I keep saying a good invention would be a little Wifi pager device that’s sole purpose is 2FA.

  • Here’s one I just experienced, was watching Star Wars: A New Hope and my brother asked me if I remember C-3PO every having a silver leg. I told him no, hes always been all gold. Next scene we watched his right leg from the knee down was all silver. Like wtf never have I noticed that before, I said meh maybe it was a Lucas later edit. Revenge of the Sith comes on the TV next and C-3PO’s leg is so vibrantly silver that I could not even comprehend not noticing that contrast in past viewings.