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  • Any company taking 2FA seriously will either compensate you for the requirements to fulfill that security, or provide you with the devices necessary. I used to work at Duo. I currently work for another company that does more or less the same thing. Your company’s security team will do whatever it takes to get you compliant because not doing that is on them and not you.

    It’s honestly wild for a company to allow an employee to be on the verge of locked out of critical services and not be resolving that on their own. They have the metrics in duo to be able to see that you have no viable device to 2FA with.

  • Learned this lesson the hard way in my last session - I’ve been making rolls publically for a while, but I made a lethal combat roll against one of my player’s level 1 PC while the rest of the party was too far away to help them.

    I might have been able to find a way to not let them die from an enemy one-shotting them (there were many friendly NPCs nearby) but this would have really gummed up the pace of the game and story. Much easier to just fudge the roll and say they took almost lethal damage instead.

    The trouble of course was the player saw the roll and so knew I’d fudged it. I don’t want to set the precedent that I’m going to pull punches on them, but I definitely don’t want anyone to die in their very first encounter (ever, not just in this campaign) not having made any real mistakes.

    I’m now going to have to makes sure the party understands that was a one-time thing - and hide all my rolls going forward!

  • If there’s one thing I’ve learned having and caring for many cats over the last 30 years, they’ve all got their quirks. Some were over eaters that would throw up almost daily. Some would be grazers and do just fine with their bowls full all day and night. No answer is going to be just right for every cat.

    If you have cats that eat at different paces, you might just have to feed them on a schedule in separate locations. That was the only way we could handle it when we had the same situation.

  • Elmlea plant based double cream

    We’ve been drinking heavy cream/double cream/whipping cream in our coffee for years but started trying out some plant based alternatives to a lot of our foods a few years ago. The only one we kept going with was this cream. Exact same cost as the dairy version, and tasted exactly the same.

    I wish I could speak towards other brands, this was the only one we tried and stuck with it. I think it might be UK only though…