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  • I scored the highest tertiary entrance rank in my school without studying a day in my life and had my pick of any university course or career. I went to university, and excelled at exams, but because I had undiagnosed ADHD and had never learned time management, I couldn’t cope with assignments that couldn’t be thrown together at the last minute in my lunch break. I was academically excluded.

    So there was that. Basically, my life has continued to look like some variation of that experience since then :P

  • The joys of being a 2E student.

    Gifted, with undiagnosed ADHD.

    Flew in to university without ever learning how to organise my time. Smashed every exam university put in front of me. Failed every form of written assessment that required time management and planning, instead of just knowing the answers. Even after they put me on academic probation and I understood how serious it was, I couldn’t fix it, because I didn’t know I had ADHD at the time, and had never learned the organisational skills required, because I’d never needed them to succeed academically before.

  • It might not necessarily be that the instances are stricter, it could also simply be that those instances are targeted more often by hate/trolls so interact with those instances more often.

    It’s both of those things IMO. Being stricter comes about because of being targeted more. It’s not always just responsive reactions to abuse. Often it’s pre-emptive defederation even before abuse is received, just to ensure it never happens. And that’s the part where “stricter” comes in to it, because a lot of generalist instances are happy to respond only if and when another instance becomes a problem

    At least, that’s how it works on the queer instaces I admin :)

  • So, the things I appreciate as an admin are

    a) Make sure you state whether it’s simply a matter of breaking community rules, or whether it needs an admins attention. As it stands now, admins see all reports made for all communities on our instances, which can be a lot. I leave reports for communities that I don’t moderate, but they then sit around until a moderator actions them. And the large incoming volume, plus the older ones hanging around can make it hard to tell at a glance which ones require an admins eyes.

    b) If it’s not immediately obvious from the reported post, tell us where to find the context we need to see why the post is a problem. “Look at posters history” / “Will make sense if you read the previous post” etc.