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  • The question makes more sense in the context of “our friend group is deciding to move to a new communication system” Which should we choose.

    We narrowed it down to xmpp, signal and matrix. Signal looked terrible to impossible to self host because the clients might make it hard to choose another server.

    Matrix looks good but slow and more like irc ? Also like signal, there’s few clients.

    Xmpp was just more mature, more diversity of clients. But missing new things like comment retractions, comment reaction, opengraph url previews, combine image+text messages and image albums.

  • First of, compliments are flattery, watch out they are trying to manipulate you !

    Second, they are simply mistaken if they knew the truth they wouldn’t say that.

    Third, they at least have poor taste and judgement if they thing I’m good or have done sonething good

    Fourth, I cannot respect someone who would compliment me, they must be a huge loser with no friends to think that.

    If you suffer this reasonning, I am sorry to say but there is an evil demon living inside your soul. You must catch it and send it back to hell for your sake and the sake of everyone tgat loves. Yes, they exist.