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    • The city where I live in has several few Little libraries that people have in their garden or hanging at the wall of their home. And I know that other cities have them as well. Today I went biking and brought back two books and I was pretty sure that I did not want to take any because I have more than enough to read, but I noticed an interesting book and took it home. This is something you can do yourself. Build a small wooden box, and have other people put or take books. You don’t have to do this yourself, you could ask friends, family and co-workers to help you build it or ask them to provide such. Then you could take a little bit care of it and promote the idea.

    • What I like about bigger cities are public parks. I like to go to parks and just sit, listen to birds, enjoy the green and in Springtime, Summer and Autumn enjoy the colors.

    • Public libraries here have magazines and books to read for any visitors. I’ve learned about open source software thanks to the Internet but also a little bit thanks to public libraries. I find that reading paper books or magazine can also be a nice break from staring at a screen of a device.

  • I never understood this argument. How is it any different for leftist propaganda? This just feels like telling someone to stop thinking because you’re on our team now and we want to make sure you don’t leave.

    Your argument seems to suggest :

    • Listening to far right voices is not too bad if you keep being alert.
    • The brain of the listener who thinks for themselves will be strong enough to distinguish leftist propaganda and lies from facts and truth.

    I fear, looking at the millions of people who are not well informed about some things (say privacy + GAFAM), that this is wishful thinking. Remember the experiment with people in the cinemas where some soft-drink images were almost invisible merged into the movie and made people thirsty and buy more drinks during the break ? In my opinion the human brain is unfortunately not as powerful as people make it believe it is. And I have no big issues in general with leftist propaganda as I’d like to see the planet saved rather than destroyed.

  • What a complete and utter distasteful thing to do by your colleague. You do have the other colleague as witness, kind of. In some countries you can get legal advice for free. No idea whether that applies for the UK. Having said that your colleague appears to be seeking for attention, negative or not. You really should define your personal boundaries. However the question is whether ignoring the person and blocking their private number or filing a complaint is going to give them more attention and more reason to harass you. I would talk with a few good friends in real time about this so you can vent or cry or shout about this horrible event. Stay safe!