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  • I will create a community somewhere soon (will look in and pick a nice instance other than :p), and leave you another comment when it’s ready, so you can subscribe :)

    What they did to GoT after season 4 (probably my favorite; the Oberyn plot is just so good) is nothing short of a crime 🙃 Seasons 5 and 6 still have some good episodes and plot lines, but the lack of source material starts showing. Season 7 takes a deep dive and 8 just disappears into the void. It’s depressing to think about.
    Still, I love the world too much and heard good things about it after a couple of episodes were out, so I decided to give it a try, and loved it. It’s very well done from a more “technical” standpoint (as was GoT, even in later seasons), but the writing is also pretty good. Give it a shot!

  • As a slight joke (but only slight), ministers and other positions of power. It’s incredible how poorly qualified some nominated ministers are, over here…

    Democracy should allow anyone to run to be elected, but people nominated by the prime minister for specific ministries, should have some degree of education or experience in the field. Until very recently, there was essentially no assessment of skills. Now there are some forms and whatnot, but I still find it very lacking.

    For example, we had a minister over 10 years ago that got his Bachelor’s nullified by a court ordering following an investigation of some shady deals with the University.

  • I’ve been a laptop-only guy for over 10 years, here’s my take:

    At first, I wanted a powerful and colorful desktop computer, so I could play all the games I wanted, maybe touch on some 3D software, and overall have a cool setup. However, I couldn’t afford it at all (though times during and after the 2009 crisis, in Portugal), so I ended up just sticking with the handful of years old, 17 inch and 4Kg laptop my older brother had given me.
    The years passed and I never bought a desktop. The mobility and versatility of laptops was too good to give up, and having poured many hours into configuring my system (first years of laptop-only coincided with first years of Linux, pretty much) I didn’t want to have to manage and sync two different computers. I wasn’t aware of Nix and similar OSs, but even that doesn’t solve the sync issue. Now my work requires me to take a computer with me, so I must have a laptop. I also work from home quite a lot, but I like to work outside, in the porch/garden.

    Nowadays you can get really good and mobile (gaming) laptops, like the ones from XMG (and their sister brands) or even the newer Frameworks (which are also great for other obvious reasons). Even XMG laptops are quite reparable, outside of CPU/GPU failures, and DIY is supported by the seller. I’m currently rocking their XMG Fusion 15 L19 (late 2019), and am incredibly happy with my purchase, it’s still in pristine shape!

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think a laptop is generally a safer bet, if you know where to buy.
    Happy to discuss this further! :)

    Edit: Just wanted to drop an very nice laptop-focused channel: Bob Of All Trades. It seems they haven’t been very active as of late, but they were very informative and had good guides some years ago, when I was looking for a new laptop.

  • Not a lot, I don’t think long usage of social media is beneficial to anyone in the long run, even though I’ve been running a (small) instance for quite a while now.
    I have integrated checking social media feeds (just Lemmy and HackerNews nowadays) into my daily routine, usually only happening in the morning and evening. Because of my admin and mod duties, I end up opening Lemmy more than twice a day, but only to check on reports, applications, etc.

  • Possibly the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Dunno exactly how many times I’ve watched, but it’s close to 10. It’s such an iconic movie, with excellent scenarios, acting, and so revolutionary at the time.
    I’ve watched some older Pixar movies (from their golden age imo) a bunch of times, like Monsters Inc and Nemo, as well as the masterpiece Shrek 2 from DreamWorks.