Hey all, I think it’s unfair for me to be the only moderator (plus the admins!).

I was trying to find some good candidates and I certainly found many, but I think it’s much more fair to open the floor for nominations.

Some groundrules so this goes smoothly:

  • You are allowed to nominate unlimited people, including yourself
  • You must make each nomination in a separate comment
  • Please ensure the user in question has not yet been nominated, if they have please upvote the existing nomination and maybe leave a comment in support instead!

This is somewhat of a popularity contest, although note I do not promise the most popular candidates will be the ones selected.

This post will be updated when mods are appointed with the logic behind appointment.

@mekhos@lemmy.ml has been appointed. This is because

  • Overwhelming support
  • 7 hour timezone difference (if I did the math correctly)


  • I needed one more, I see tmpod around often